Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello KL, I am back.

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Farewell long holidays!! Goodbye home!! Hello KL!! Welcome busy study life!! >.<

Reached here at about 3 something just now. Unpacked my things, cleaned my room and then went out again with my family to Times Square. 

This Christmas tree is soooo pretty :)

Mummy and sis :)

Saw another giant teddy bear! Why soooo cute one!! I want!! >.<

Had our dinner at the newly-opened Taste of Asia Food Court there and came back soon after that :) On the way back, I stopped by my course department to see whether the timetable is out and guess what? They have yet to post it up!! :O So what time should I wake up tomorrow? Are we going to have any lecture or not? If ya, what time? Nobody knows. So how now, you tell me?! -_________-

It feels a lil weird to be back to my hostel, my room that I have left for almost 2 months. I am so used to the comfort of home during the holidays. I guess I need some time to get use to life @ hostel all over again :/

On a brighter note, Christmas will be here in 6 days!! Can't wait for it to arrive!! :D Celebrating Christmas this year at KL with my family and relatives @ Bukit Bintang area and Pavilion :) We will all be spending a night at The Prince Hotel & Residencies :) Ahhh...I just love family gatherings like this :) Can't wait, can't wait!! Hehe =D

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