Monday, December 20, 2010

What a start!!

Monday, December 20, 2010
Just came back from a meeting a while ago. Went to Setapak for dinner with some of my coursemates before that. It was raining so heavily when we were out so we had to settle in a restaurant instead of eating at hawker stalls. I had black pepper chicken chop but the taste was just so-so. Slight disappointment :( 

By the way, you would not have guess how my new semester starts. I expected it to be packed with class as soon as we came back from our holidays but it turn out to be the total opposite!! :O No class for the entire week this week except for some clinic briefing tomorrow and spring cleaning the day after. Can't believe I am actually quite free this whole week. Awesome much!! LOL

So, today feels pretty much like a holiday. Spent my day with an episode of a drama, a movie about a kid with dyslexia, nap and last but not least, online =D But the line gets so slow sometimes, it makes me fed up -.- This is one thing I hate about my hostel. Tortoise speed wifi -____-

On another note, we will be having our clinic orientation briefing tomorrow to determine who our partners, supervisor and client in the clinic are for our clinic practicals. I am feeling pretty nervous since I don't know who and what case I will be getting :O Hoping for the best now. Let's just see how it goes tomorrow :)

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