Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home sweet home :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yay! I'm home :) Made this sudden decision to come back last night and here I am now LOL Was feeling rather homesick and it drives me crazy to stay at my hostel longer, hence the decision to come back. Although I was just there for like 2 weeks, the stress & busy life I was having kinda make me feel down :( I definitely need to recharge myself  before I can carry on & there's no better place than home :) It's just so comforting to be home especially when you are stressed out. Like a miracle, the stress just disappears and I can focus and do things better. The amount of things to do is still the same, but i just feel better doing it at home. Weird huh? LOL

By the way, (refer to the picture below) this is the life I am in lately and I foresee this is what my whole semester will be like X_X

Tons of things to do every single day ; clinic stuffs, assignments, revision etc but most are yet to be done :/

Oh God, please give me the strength, courage & confidence to survive this semester both in my studies as well as in my clinic practicals. Life does get really stressful sometimes and it's not easy to stay optimistic all the time. Sometimes, you just feel like giving up and become all pessimistic.

Okay, got to go get some of my stuffs done to lessen my burden now. As the saying goes "​Don't put off tomorrow what can be done today." So bye!!


Eason said...

wow...hey i like it so much ''dun put blablabla can done today'' ...hahaha i was a person who erm tomorrow erm can do it oso wat...dun rush ba...everything gonna be same too...y not c properly den oni decided...y now !!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Haha..thanks! So remember this quote everytime you procrastinate! :D

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