Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life revolving around clinic practicum. It's a non-ending cycle.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
My mind is basically filled with clinic stuffs almost everyday ever since I contacted my client. Even most of the conversation between my coursemates and I are about clinic. Our plans, our client, our supervisor etc :O I wanna stop thinking about it but I just can't! >.< Spent my whole night just getting all my clinic stuffs done. Writing case notes, trying to come up with a new assessment plan, thinking of what toys/activities to use. Yes, I basically have to do that every week. Gosh! It feels like a non-ending cycle! I am just having a client this semester but it already feels as though I am so busy. Will be getting more and more client when I enter my 3rd and final year. I can't imagine how busy I will be then :O And not forgetting, this is just my clinic practicum part. I still have other classes to attend and assignments to do D: I seriously got to be fair to both. I think I have been spending more time on clinic stuffs than other subjects. No!! I can't be doing this. 

Gotta send in all my clinic stuffs by tomorrow but I have yet to decide what toys @ activities to use! X_X And on another note, my hostel wifi line is so not helping. It's not treating me good lately :( Its speed gets as slow as a snail sometimes and most pages just refused to load! -_- How am I going to email my clinic stuffs to my supervisor with the line acting like that? D: I think I should probably get myself a broadband.

On another note, my plan to go home on Jan 19th fail!! Thanks to our lecturer who decided to have class on the 21st. Pftt!! -.- I was supposed to have a long weekend at home on that week since Jan 20th is a public holiday. There goes my long weekend holidays T____T

Another post full of my rants and ravings again =/

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