Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Review : Great Day & Homecoming

Monday, January 31, 2011

Went for a movie marathon with my younger sister last Saturday.

The first movie was Great Day which starts at 6.45pm

I personally think it was quite nice. Good job Malaysia! This is definitely much better than the movie last year :/ The whole movie basically portrays the importance of family. With some funny scenes as well as some touching scenes, it was just nice =)

Out of all the characters, I love this uncle & her granddaughter the most. Just makes me happy seeing them together :D So natural. Just like a real grandpa & granddaughter relationship! :)

Some part of it are quite non-logical but oh well, just ignore it. It's still a simple yet touching movie with a lesson to learn from it.  Bravo Malaysia! :)

The second movie was at 8.40pm. A funny one this time after a touching one. Homecoming :D

As expected, Singapore movies are always funny but overall, I think it was just okay. A few laughs here and there with some educational value about the importance of family & reunion dinner. That's about it. 

But anyway, I still enjoyed the laughter the characters in the movie brought me. Jack Neo did a good job acting as an aunty LOL XD

The movie ended at about 10.15pm. Both were nice CNY movies this year but I would definitely recommend Great Day if you were to ask me which to watch..haha! :P

Just a simple review about the movies I watched. Enjoy! :)

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