Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A visit to a neurology clinic @ HUKM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Exhausting day. Woke up early in the morning today, before 7am! Departed from my hostel to HUKM @ 7.30am++ to avoid the traffic jam. Surprisingly, there was not much jam and we reached there at 8 something. Since it was still early, we went for breakfast at the cafe. I had kaya balls but it was kinda disappointing. Doesn't really tastes good at all! =/

We are supposed to meet our neurology lecturer at 9.30am for the hospital visit but she ended up 15 mins late or more. Saw this little cute girl while we were waiting. She was so tiny and totally cute! I feel like cuddling her! haha! Anyway, we were then placed into different clinic rooms with different doctors. Some paired up cause there was not enough rooms for all 8 of us but I was in one of the room, alone with 2 malay female doctors :/ I was supposed to observe the patients that came and what the doctors do but it feels totally awkward standing there while the doctors were seeing the patient :/

Anyway, saw quite a lot of different patients with different cases today. Stroke, Parkinson, seizures and some other more mild cases. They are all here for follow up. Mostly elderly patients except those having seizures. It's kinda scary to see such young people having seizures at their age! The cases in my room were not so severe like those in my other friend's group though. Some of them saw doctors telling a patient they have cancer today. How heartbreaking! :( We should consider ourselves really really lucky to be healthy! 

Today, I have a clearer view of how patients with strokes, Parkinson and seizures looked like. Instead of just knowing the theories, it's a rather good exposure to the real thing. It was quite an experience being there observing a doctor's life in a day, in this case, at a neurology clinic. I would say they look rather free. Just seeing patients, prescribing medicine, writing case notes, handling the files. That's about all I observed them doing today :/

The clinic visit ended during lunch time and without having our lunch, we went straight to the ENT Clinic to be the thesis subject for one our senior. We did this eye-test which I don't actually know what it is for :/ We had to put on a goggle and follow a dot of light in the dark just by moving our eyes. It feels like I am straining my eyes. Makes my eyes so uncomfortable! D: Anyway, we were supposed to do the test twice but we only did it once today so we have to do it again next week -.-

By the time 3 of us finished the test, it was already 3pm and we haven't even had our lunch yet! :O The other 5 went for lunch earlier so they did the test after 3 of us finished. Anyway, all 3 of us were super hungry by then and we went to the nearest restuarant we can find, just opposite the hospital, KFC!!!!!!! LOL I had  pocketful combo + cookies & cream Krushers. Omnomnom. Yummy! :D

Reached my hostel at about 4 something and I was just freaking exhausted by then! Online for a while then collapsed on my bed for 2 hours ++ A good nap I had! Feel so awake now :D It was quite a day today and I am still feeling kinda tired but I still have to do my case notes & therapy plan. I am supposed to send it by tomorrow but I still don't really have any idea what I plan to do yet T__T

Okay, that's all for today. I think it's long enough already..haha! Anyway, hope you enjoy reading! X)

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