Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday, March 28, 2011
Oh Monday, you are here again. This brings me to the last week of class for my 2nd year. Time, you do pass really fast. 

Today itself was a good one for me. Checked my email before I head to class today and found that my supervisor had replied my mail. A good feedback this time so yes, I am kinda happy to see that :)

Had debate presentation in the morning for psychology class. Was feeling super nervous when it's my turn to speak but in the end, everything went quite well. My group won by a close 2 points margin. Woohoo! XD And the chairman actually complimented that I did really good! :D *okay, the chairman is actually one of my coursemate XD* Nevertheless, I am still overwhelmed with happiness listening to what he said about me X)

Diagnostic class today was kinda nice too. Everything just seems to go well today :) Last session of my clinic tomorrow. Will be seeing my client for the last time for therapy. Hope I can end it really well. The fact that it's my last session tomorrow makes me really happy but at the same time, it gives me tremendous pressure to perform really well. I kept having this thought that my activities might not work tomorrow since just now. Maybe because I am too worried? I should probably get this thought out of my mind. I will try my best to make it work no matter what! Hopefully the client will cooperate. Hopefully I will reach my goal. God bless me! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Questions with no answers, yet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just an email makes me feel down the whole day today. Was basically filled with the feeling of giving up once I saw the email this morning. I am so tired of trying my best yet it feels as though everything I did is nothing at all. I have been pretty good in motivating myself all these while I think. But now, I don't know how much strength I have left to go on. I don't know whether I can really do it. I don't know whether I am cut out for this course. In the first place, I never even expected to get this course. It was my last choice and I basically have no choice but to go for it since this is what I was offered with. The only reason I accepted this course is because I have no other option. Yeah, that's it. I came into this course blurry, not knowing exactly what this course is about, what I will be facing but now, I am starting to see it. This is going to be my career forever once I step out of this university ( if everything goes well & I managed to graduate). Do I really want this? Is this really meant for me? The question remains.

On another note, giving up is not easy. It's not like I can say "Okay, I am giving up!" and leave everything behind. There's lots to consider. These are a few I came up with. If I give up now....

1) I would have to pay back my scholarship which is not a small amount of money.
2) My parents would have been disappointed.
3) I will be wasting my 2 years of university life.
4) What's next?

Unless I really have a better plan for the future, I can't give up. In the end, giving up is not an option after all.

All these while, all these 2 years of university life, I have been telling myself this is where God wants me to be. I am following the plan He has for me. But is it really so? What if it's not? What if this is just a part of God's plan for me and I would actually end up somewhere else? How can I be sure? I am not questioning God but I am questioning myself. Is this really what I want? Hey, it's my life here. Do I really want to spend the rest of my life like this?

I know it's a good course. A course with a bright future but somehow, I don't really feel the passion. Don't we say we have to like the things we do? What if I don't like it? Okay, to be honest, I don't really like I am doing at all. Sometimes I think I am just not suitable for this course. I have all sorts of question in my mind now. Questions that I myself couldn't answer.

One last week next week to go to end my 2nd year. Last clinic session of my 2nd year next week as well. Will I pass my first clinic practicals? I have no idea. Study week & exams after that then it's holiday. Long long holiday. Maybe I'll use that time to really think about & determine what I really want for my life. Right now, my only mission is to finish my 2nd year and see how it goes from there. That's it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011
I don't know what's wrong with me today. Kept sneezing the whole day. Having flu now. I don't feel good. I think I might be falling sick. Nooooo! I don't want to get sick! :(

It's gonna be Friday again tomorrow. Here comes the weekend again. One more week to go next week to end my 2nd year. FYI, I have 3 presentations to do & 2 assignments to hand in next week. And oh, not forgetting all the clinic stuffs to do as well. All that have to be done by next week! OMG! X_X

Right now, I just want to be free from assignments & clinic practicals. After next week, it will all be over :D Well, not all. I still have one last hurdle to go. EXAMssssss! >.<  Although I don't really look forward to my final exams as well, but it's better to study for an exam than to do all those assignments & clinic stuffs. Much much better.

A few more days and I will be home for my study week. Can't wait :D 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A nice Saturday ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Yesterday : It was all about assignments.

Today : It was all about relaxation. 

Well, I didn't really plan it to be this way but it just happens so spontaneously LOL Spent my whole day doing my assignments yesterday so I consider today my off day X)

Attended co-curriculum class early in the morning today. It was the last class. No more Saturday class for these two weeks. Yay! :D

Went out with 2 of my girls after class ended & guess where did we head to again? Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88 & Lot 10 AGAIN! I had been there twice this week! :/

Anyway, we dropped by Lot 10 Heritage Food Village for lunch. I had curry pork ribs noodles. Tell you what? It's super super good! The curry gravy was thick enough, the noodles & pork ribs were soft. It just tastes heavenly! Love max! ❤  ❤ 

And finally I satisfied my cravings for Chatime :) Caramel Milk Tea this time but I still think the original Pearl Milk Tea tastes better. Gonna try out the other flavours next time..hehe! :D

 Chatime is my latest addiction now ❤ Not Snowflakes anymore :P

Bought 2 tops from Cotton On as well. Love, love, love! :) ❤ ❤ 
Yes, I realised I have been eating a lot of nice food lately. Maybe a tad too much :/
 I even bought KFC for dinner today. 
So many fattening food! Kill me! X_X
Rounder face, more muffin top, flabby arms. Oh NOOOOO! T___T
So gonna have cereals only for 2 out of 3 of my main meals these two weeks!
I need to lose the FATsssssssssssssss! >.< 
Please wish me success!! :S

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011
Today started in a different way than I expected it to. Was supposed to have class from 9-12pm but it was cancelled at the last minute. What annoys me is the fact that those who knows about this don't even care to inform others that class was cancelled. Some of us ( yes, that includes me) actually walked all the way there only to found out about this -__- Mad annoyed! 

Since the only class I have today was cancelled, I basically have a free day all to myself which is just pure awesome :D Spent almost the whole day doing my clinic stuffs but mostly my assignments. Really proud of myself because I actually finished quite a lot of it X)

Times flies. 2 more weeks to end my 2nd year then it will be my study week followed by my final exams. These two weeks will be a really busy one with assignments, presentations, and clinic stuffs to be hand in before I go back for my study week. Can't believe time passed by so fast! I have been in uni for 2 years? WOW! That's really fast! :O Despite the stress & busyness, I am actually enjoying my uni life. Definitely not looking forward to working life yet. I love my student life :)

If everything goes well, I will be graduating in 2 more years. It is going to get more stress & tougher for sure but I will go through it with a smile on my face. I may make mistakes, I may fail but it's not the end of the world. Life is more than that. Try my very best in everything and leave the rest to God. That's what I gonna do & you know what, you should too. Yes, you who is reading this :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of last Sunday & today :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outing with the family.

Dim sum for breakfast. Yums! :D

Cupcakes from the Loaf as snacks.

Lunch @ I Love Yoo :)

Used up my 4 free movie passes from Nuffnang. Watched Beastly with my youngest sis while my parents watched The Ward.

How would I rate the show? Not bad but kinda typical love story.

Alex Pettyfer in Beastly *drools* :P


Clinic free & class free day so I am basically free for the whole day! Woots! :D

So yes, I ended up going out :/ Pavilion this time :P

Brunch @ Old Town White Coffee. I had dry curry egg noodles & honey lemon tea. It was so so good! Yummy max! :D

Watched 127 hours. One word : Disappointing. I just find the story line real boring :S

Finally tried out Chatime Pearl Milk Tea. So so good! I love it! :D

And before heading back, dropped by The newly opened Cream Fudge Factory at Farenheit 88.

Tried the peanut butter ice-cream mixed with banana. Yums! :D

And this is how they made my order :D

TADA! Here's the end product :D

A closer look *slurps*

Yes, that's me busy eating my ice-cream while my friend busy taking photos..haha :P

Okay, that's all for today. Summarized two days of outing in one post. I iz awesome! Hahahaha :P Or should I say lazy? :P

p/s : Did you realised my blog posts pictures are usually more to food than humans? Well, I now think taking pictures of food is more fun than camwhoring so that explains why LOL :P

Okay, I now have to get back to reality after having so much fun. That is none other than STUDY LIFE! T______T Bye!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let us all pray for Japan ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011
Who would expect Japan to be hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake? No one I guess. It all came all of a sudden and swoosh! Almost the whole of Japan is swept away just like that!

Seeing the pictures after the earthquake are simply devastating. I can't imagine how I will feel if I am there. I guess I would most probably just burst out in tears :'(

I feel for the people there. Some people are lucky to be alive, while others are not so lucky. On the other hand, we people in Malaysia are truly lucky to be alive! Thank God for that! 

There's still hope for Japan. I believe Japan will be able to stand up again in no time :)

No matter what race you are or which country you are from, let us all stay united and pray for Japan. I believe Japan will be strong enough to overcome this :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just being home makes everything feels better :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011
After almost three weeks being away from home, I am finally back yesterday :) It's not even a month yet but it sure feels like it! :/ Being home is the best feeling ever. It turns my mood good automatically! :D

Anyway, I finally redeemed the prize I won from CLEO.

TADA!! Here it is!! :D

Pretty isn't it? Hehe :D

And by the way, I banked in my first cheque from Nuffnang already! Yay! Looking for more & more to come :D Well, it's not much but I can haz extra money to spend! That's good enough! :P

This is how I spent my day at home today. Stucked at home studying, doing my assignments and my clinic stuffs. Bored max! Gahhhhh! 

Each trip home, I ate so much! Damn guilty! >.<

Breakfast at home.

Lunch time with the family at a Chinese Restaurant. 

Tea time @ SAHA Coffee & Fruit Bar.

Dinner @ Kheng's Kopitiam.

I had 4 meals today! Damn, I feel fat X_X

Although I spent my whole day just doing my assignments today, it was still a good day. Just being at home makes me feel good despite having assignments piling up! :O

Today is all about study stuffs. Tomorrow? Church in the morning then heading down to Sunway Pyramid for a movie with my family. Gonna use up my free birthday movie tickets from Nuffnang & TGV Cinemas! :D Tomorrow will be good good day :D

Another random post. Happy reading! xoxo :)

The song that touches my heart :'(

The story behind this song.

Two years ago, he was supposed to marry his girlfriend after proposing to her. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. One fine day, his girlfriend met with a terrible accident leaving her almost paralyzed & severely brain damaged. "What kind of guy would I be if I leave her when she needs me the most?" is what he said. So now, he is her caretaker. 

He was prepared to be there for her no matter what. This is what I call true love. Who is this guy with such big heart? He is none other than Chris Medina from American Idol 2011. Unfortunately, he only made it to the Top 40. Nevertheless, his story and song moved the hearts of many around the world. The lyrics almost moved me to tears. It touches my heart so much :'(

So in  with this song right now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just being random~

Thursday, March 10, 2011
My clinic practicals this semester is almost over. 8 sessions down, 2 more to go. Supervisor not around next week = one week off for clinic. Yay! :D

But still, I have assignments piling up. I hate how they all came in at the same time! So much to do, so little time! Gotta rush them all now! :(

Exactly! There's so much to do, but only so little done at the moment! :( If I am not busy with my clinic stuffs, I will be busy with assignments. How to have the time to study like this? >.< Oh by the way, finals are just a month away o.O But to be honest, I prefer to spend my time studying than doing clinic & assignments. It's way better I tell you! 

On a brighter note, I am finally heading home tomorrow. Happy max! :D It's not even a month yet but I miss home like crazy already! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to be home! So gonna enjoy my time at home! :)

That's all for today. Just a random post to keep my blog alive LOL I need to get back to work. Have to turn my assignment mode ON now T_________T

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A feel good day ♥

Sunday, March 6, 2011
It was my college dinner last night. Was at the venue as early as 1pm for rehearsals and it was already almost midnight by the time I got back. Super super exhausted last night. I don't feel like talking about the dinner. The only thing I can say is, it's very boring!! :/ Photos? Maybe later. Or maybe not :/

Anyway, since I am really exhausted last night, I had a really good night sleep. Woke up today feeling great :D But I was starving & need nice food so freaking bad! And so, I call 1300-13-1300 to rescue me..hahahaha :P

I can haz MCD for brunch. Yums! Such a satisfying meal  <3

And then after my meal, I made this! It's one of the material for my clinic next week. I hope it works & my client will like it :D But this is just half done though. It still looks a little dull to me. More colour perhaps? Or maybe add some hair for this little creature? LOL

Got bored doing the material and so I switched to playing with my webcam x)

It's been sooooooooooo long since I last took a photo using my webcam. I think the last time I did, my hair was short. It's not even shoulder length then so you can imagine how long I haven't touched my webcam since then LOL

Well, this is what happens when a girl is alone X) This is a pretty random post. I basically don't know what to blog about. So, just enjoy my webcam photos la! HAHAHAHA =P And laugh if you want. Whatever. I am just having fun! :P

Today is a good day. I'm feeling good so far. Hope that I will continue to feel like this for the rest of the day! Please don't let anything spoil my mood pleaseeeeeeeee *fingers crossed* kthxbye.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

End of February. Beginning of March.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye February. You had been awesome month to me <3 But now it's time to let you go so farewell February!! Till we meet again next year T_T

Hello March. It's going to be a busy month for me. College dinner & course night on the first & last week of March respectively. And most importantly, I can't wait to end my clinic practicals this semester! 7 session down, 3 more session to go! =D

As much as I look forward to finishing my clinic practicals in March, I don't really looked forward to April. Why? Cause April is exam month for me. One week for study week and the other three weeks for examssssss! T___T But then, after that, it will be the time for my 4 months long holiday! This I look forward to very very much! :D
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