Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday, March 28, 2011
Oh Monday, you are here again. This brings me to the last week of class for my 2nd year. Time, you do pass really fast. 

Today itself was a good one for me. Checked my email before I head to class today and found that my supervisor had replied my mail. A good feedback this time so yes, I am kinda happy to see that :)

Had debate presentation in the morning for psychology class. Was feeling super nervous when it's my turn to speak but in the end, everything went quite well. My group won by a close 2 points margin. Woohoo! XD And the chairman actually complimented that I did really good! :D *okay, the chairman is actually one of my coursemate XD* Nevertheless, I am still overwhelmed with happiness listening to what he said about me X)

Diagnostic class today was kinda nice too. Everything just seems to go well today :) Last session of my clinic tomorrow. Will be seeing my client for the last time for therapy. Hope I can end it really well. The fact that it's my last session tomorrow makes me really happy but at the same time, it gives me tremendous pressure to perform really well. I kept having this thought that my activities might not work tomorrow since just now. Maybe because I am too worried? I should probably get this thought out of my mind. I will try my best to make it work no matter what! Hopefully the client will cooperate. Hopefully I will reach my goal. God bless me! :)

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