Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter Sunday! =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011
 It's Easter Sunday. So I am here to wish all Christians...

Praise the Lord for He resurrected from his dead on this day and that gives us hope for eternal life :)

But today is not like a typical Sunday. Woke up at 5.30am for easter Sunday Service at 6am. Came back, watched a movie called The Rebound, had my breakfast, watched Prison Break, go back to sleep, watched Prison Break again and then here I am now, blogging :/

As much as I am in relaxing, I am actually pretty much in a dilemma mood now. One part of me just wanted to enjoy my holidays but another part of me is not giving me the peace to enjoy it fully yet. Have yet to receive confirmation on some matters and thanks to that, I can't make any decision or arrange anything. Also, it's Sunday already and I have to know latest by Monday. Are you planning to tell me at the last minute? Or are you all not planning to tell me at all? I am so tired of their attitude. Thinking of them pretty much annoys me now. All these stuffs are making me have no PEACE!! Pftt! -.-

The only thing I can do now is keep bugging them for answers, although i think that will probably make them feel that I am annoying. But what to do? I am not gonna just sit here and wait. I am always the one who need to take the initiative. As much as I hate that, I am used to it. I would rather be the one who take the initiative then to sit down waiting for nothing to happen. Hopefully I will receive their confirmation by tonight *fingers crossed* That's the only thing I need now.

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