Sunday, May 29, 2011

High Tea Fashion Show Parties :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Thanks to the invites, I have a chance to attend a High Tea Fashion Show Party, not once but twice in a week! :DDD


The first one was with my sister :)

Date : 26th of May 2011
Venue : The Gardens Lifestyle Cafe, Sunway Pyramid
Time : 3-5pm

It was actually an event for the Top 20 Makeover contestants who were selected for the contest. They were asked to bring a guest so yeah, I went as my sister's guest :P 

The registration counter & the decors. So pretty :)

Upon registration, we were given a goodie bag each with a Fashion Mag, Elianto Facial Cleanser, Cupcake handkerchief & Bonita Hair Clip inside! :DDD

Was greeted by this huge shimmering & glittering piano as soon as we entered the cafe and of cause, not forgetting, the beautiful music the pianist was playing as well. So soothing :)

It was my first time @ The Gardens Lifestyle Cafe. My first impression? It was just simply beautiful. I really love the environment there :D

Sis & me :)

The pretty host :)

Got to know one of the contestants :) Sis took a picture with her while I took a picture with her guest :/

The high tea! Comes with lemon tea as well :)

Was entertained with a fashion show while eating. The models were stunning! So tall, so slim. Just so pretty! *envy* LOL

P/s : Sorry for the bad quality pics for the fashion show. Was sitting at the side so the photos are all side-views + it's hard to take pictures of people when they are walking :/

Prize-giving ceremony for the winner.

Some pictures with the sweet decor before heading home :D

On the way back :)

And more camwhore pics when I reached home :P

And that's the end of the first event :D


The second one was with mum :)

Date : 28th of May 2011
Venue : Kitschen @ Alamanda, Putrajaya
Time : 3-5pm

Some camwhore pics on the way there :P

Receive a cosmetic bag & free registration to become a Fashion VIP member upon registration as the guest :D Mum on the other hand received a cosmetic bag with some vouchers from Kitschen, Cold Storage & TGIF since she was already a member. Awesome much :D

I am a fashion VIP for a day :D

The host :)

This time around, it started with the fashion show first.

The models were wearing Kitschen Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Again, the models were really stunning! Can't keep my eyes off them! :O I think they were even prettier than those in the first event I attended! Simply simply gorgeous. Every outfit they wore looked so beautiful on them! :O

The handsome fashion stylist for this event. Teehee :D

Once the fashion show ended, we were asked to head to Chakri Express for the high tea. They served us Thai food! :D

Fried rice + spring rolls + Thai fish cakes + Pandan chicken. Omnomnom :D

Honeydew sago :)

2 options of drinks to choose from. Teh Tarik @ Peach Tea :)

Jellies! Love this! :D

Shopped for a while at Alamanda after the event before going home. Bought 2 dresses from the Kitschen. Happy me! :D

Overall, it was a really nice experience having the chance to attend this kind of events. Both this event had its own pros & cons. Some better in terms of food, some better in terms of the environment, some better in terms of the fashion show blah blah blah. Not gonna make any judgement here though. The most important thing is, I enjoyed and had a great time at both :)

Definitely looking forward to more events like this in the future :)

This brings an end to my long post. Happy reading! :D


~Snowman~ said...

waa! how to get invitations for all these events dear? i want to go too! let me know in twitter yea! thanks! =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Niceeee (: how did you get all those invites? Need to be a member?

Qi Wen said...

Both very awesome events! :D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

The 1st event is only for those selected in the contest. My sis was selected so I went as her guest :)

The 2nd event you have to be a Fashion VIP member to get the invites. My mum is one so I went as a guest too LOL

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