Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreams :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreams. Everyone have dreams. Find our soul mate. Get married. Have a family. Have children of our own. I guess these are some of the most common ones. I must be honest. Yes, these are mine too =P

But I have another one on my list. To be a pastry chef & open a dessert restaurant. Is this possible? Maybe not now but it might later. Who knows right? :) 

All these years, I have been going with the flow. Never really knowing exactly what my dreams are. Never really trying to follow my dreams. Just taking whatever that comes to me & that's exactly how I ended up in this course I am taking now. From primary school > secondary school > matriculation college > university, I try to get good grades to move on to the next level. Now that I am in university, I thank God I managed to come this far although there were a few hurdles along the way :) 

Becoming a speech therapist. That was never in my mind. Working with children? Never in my mind also. But now that I have chosen to be in this course, I got no other option but to try my best in it. I have no idea whatsoever what will happen to me in the future in this profession. Will it be a successful one? Will I really enjoy what I am doing? Maybe.

I just don't wanna limit myself. There are so many possibilities. Without trying, we would never know. Follow your dreams. That's the most famous quote about dreams everyone knows. The question is, are all dreams really possible to follow? 

Just wondering. Is this dream of mine too big to accomplish? Will it ever come true?

So now you know my dream. What's yours? :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's all good :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Home from meeting my primary schoolmates :) It had been so many years since all 4 of us gather together.

Just like this, 4 of us are always together when we were young :)

It's just nice to see them once again after such a long time :) Had so much fun talking & laughing with them tonight about our school days. many memories :) I think we laughed a little bit too much just now though..oops.. LOL :X Took some photos using my handphone camera ( my camera ran out of battery) but all of it doesn't turn out good due to the lighting.Wasted :( Anyway, I had a great time. Definitely hoping to see  them & talked & laughed  like how we did tonight. Girls, you made my day :) 

On the other note, the day finally came. Surprisingly, the news came in the form of a sms & email, not a call. Make me so nervous for nothing waiting for the call these few days -__- Although I don't really look forward to receiving the news, I feel relieved. Seriously, it makes me feel so much better now after knowing it. But still, the honest truth is, I prefer not getting the news cause I still don't wanna go back YET :/

2 weeks. That's all it takes. I should be happy. Only a few of us are selected to go back. That means some extra training for us. I consider that a good thing :)

Believe. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe it's all in God's plan. I believe it's all for the better. I believe I can go through everything & anything! :) Lynette, you can do it! :)))

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars suits my mood today. Today I just don't feel like doing anything. Nothing at all :/

Morning service at church. Had Nasi Lemak Sotong for breakfast with family. Watched Return of The Cuckoo. One of my all time fave TVB Drama. Had a good nap. Woke up at 4pm. Hence, skipped lunch and went for tea time instead. Ordered Roti Tisu + Ice Milo. 500 Days of Summer. First time watching & only today I realized the "summer" in the title is actually a girl's name. I always thought it's one of the 4 seasons :O Had dinner at a hawker centre. Back to my home sweet home & here I am blogging

What a lazy Sunday.

By the way, did you realized something from what I wrote? I bet not. Even I myself only realized it after writing it out. I had Malay, Indian & Chinese food today. All 3 in a day! 1Malaysia eh? LOL 

And oh, it's Monday again tomorrow. I know everyone hates Mondays. Including me but that only happens when I am studying LOL Ever since I started my part time job at the nursery, I kinda looked forward to Mondays despite having to wake up at 7am every weekday. I think you know why if you read my previous posts :)

Okay, this is just me being random. Signing off! Bubbye! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a random update :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello Saturday! You know what? I love you X) Saturdays must be the best day of the week because it's a holiday & the next day is a holiday too! :D 

The weekends are here again. Is it just me? Cause I seriously think time is passing too fast. Too too fast! Can't believe June is almost ending already & when it ends, half of my holidays will be gone! There goes 2 months of my holidays! :O Scary much.

On the other note, I have not been really happy lately after receiving the news. It just came all of a sudden and it leaves me no room to be prepared for it. Apparently, the day I have been dreading for is coming next month. Have to go back to KL earlier for my remedial clinic & might be doing 3rd semester just to complete a 3rd year subject sooner. Right now I am just waiting for the call to confirm the date & everything. Hating this feeling. I feel like turning off my phone & remain nowhere to be contacted till my holidays end :/ Can I do that? Definitely not . As much as I dread it, I still have to face the reality T_T

Holidays might just end sooner than expected. Work too. If possible, I really wanna work till my holiday ends. Although it had only been about 1 month plus since I started working at the nursery, I have grown a bond with the kids. I love them so much. They lit my day up every weekday morning with their smiles & innocence. The hugs I received everyday are just priceless. Thinking of having to leave them sooner than expected makes me kinda sad really.

And to end this post, here's a quote I made up.

"Never judge. You never know how a person life is. Nor what they have gone through. I am who I am today because of all the things I go through all these years."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day ♥

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Caution : Long post ahead. Thanks to all the photos :/

Started my day by going to church morning service at 8am. I kinda like the sermon that day :) After the service, went for a scrumptious breakfast with my family. French toast, chocolate tart, cheesecake, mousse..and the list goes on :/ Had so much nice food early in the morning & it left me feeling sinful :/ But one thing for sure, it was deeply satisfying :D

Since it was Father's Day, I made this card for Daddy :) A simple box with messages from all 3 of us inside  :D


This is not how I planned for it to look like actually but somehow, it ended up looking like this LOL Anyway, it still looked pretty good isn't it? =P

The highlight of the day. Simple Father's Day celebration @ Tanjung Sepat. It's been sooooooo long since I last went there even though it's only about 30 minutes from my hometown LOL

Reached our destination, The Lover's Bridge ( Qin Ren Qiao - in Mandarin) in the evening. The sun has just set & it was really windy. Except the fact that the wind makes my hair looked like a mess, I like it..haha!! The weather was just perfect! :D

And then I started taking out my camera & snap, snap, snap. This explains all the photos below :P Okay, my sisters took some of it too so it's not fully me :P

Beautiful scene :)

Walking along the Lover's Bridge :)

Wow! My hair looked quite long from here LOL

Kinda awkward pose but I like this shot! X)

There were people fishing along the bridge. Cousin was so excited to see the fish LOL

Uncle & cousin :)

Aunt, cousin & mummy ( in black ) :)

Cousin's cute shoe. Scooby Doo crocs! :D

I don't know when my sister took this shot :O

Aunts :)

I super like this shot. Got feel or not? LOL But it makes my black roots looked obvious. Basically I can see 2 colours on my hair T_T I think I should go re-dye it soon.

Love this shot too :) But it's not taken by me :/

Okay, then we started to camwhore. My sister took the camera & just start snapping. Me, just try to get in every photo..hahahah! Ignore our hair, it's pretty messed up thanks to the wind -.-

#1 The wind was so strong that it blew my sister's hair & cover my eyes -.- PHAILED! 

#2 Love this shot. At least everyone's in :)



My photo with my lil sister totally fail! Can only see one of my eye in every picture -.- But somehow, I like it. Makes my face looked smaller..wahahaha! :P



It then ended up with me camwhoring LOL

See my hair! So messy! -_- This is how strong the wind was that day.

Went to a restaurant after that. It was just beside the bridge! :)

Grandpa :)

Uncle & daddy :)

And then, the food arrived! :)

Claypot Taufu :)

Stir-fry fish :)

As you can see, I only managed to take the pictures of the first 2 dishes individually. It all came at once later on & everyone was busy eating including me LOL

But I did managed to snap all the food together :D

Super like the clam! It was huge & really fresh! :D

Squid & crabs! :)

Us with grandpa :)

Dropped by GanoFarm & Sepang Gold Coast on the way back. Loving the random shots I took.

Pretty pretty sunset & scenery :)

Took the last 2 pictures in the car on the way home :)

I must say, I had a really good time that day.

So, this is how I spent my Father's Day. How about you? :)

I know this is a really long post. Appreciate those who really take the time to read it ( if there's any) :/ Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos! Happy reading! :)

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