Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreams :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreams. Everyone have dreams. Find our soul mate. Get married. Have a family. Have children of our own. I guess these are some of the most common ones. I must be honest. Yes, these are mine too =P

But I have another one on my list. To be a pastry chef & open a dessert restaurant. Is this possible? Maybe not now but it might later. Who knows right? :) 

All these years, I have been going with the flow. Never really knowing exactly what my dreams are. Never really trying to follow my dreams. Just taking whatever that comes to me & that's exactly how I ended up in this course I am taking now. From primary school > secondary school > matriculation college > university, I try to get good grades to move on to the next level. Now that I am in university, I thank God I managed to come this far although there were a few hurdles along the way :) 

Becoming a speech therapist. That was never in my mind. Working with children? Never in my mind also. But now that I have chosen to be in this course, I got no other option but to try my best in it. I have no idea whatsoever what will happen to me in the future in this profession. Will it be a successful one? Will I really enjoy what I am doing? Maybe.

I just don't wanna limit myself. There are so many possibilities. Without trying, we would never know. Follow your dreams. That's the most famous quote about dreams everyone knows. The question is, are all dreams really possible to follow? 

Just wondering. Is this dream of mine too big to accomplish? Will it ever come true?

So now you know my dream. What's yours? :)

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