Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day ♥

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Caution : Long post ahead. Thanks to all the photos :/

Started my day by going to church morning service at 8am. I kinda like the sermon that day :) After the service, went for a scrumptious breakfast with my family. French toast, chocolate tart, cheesecake, mousse..and the list goes on :/ Had so much nice food early in the morning & it left me feeling sinful :/ But one thing for sure, it was deeply satisfying :D

Since it was Father's Day, I made this card for Daddy :) A simple box with messages from all 3 of us inside  :D


This is not how I planned for it to look like actually but somehow, it ended up looking like this LOL Anyway, it still looked pretty good isn't it? =P

The highlight of the day. Simple Father's Day celebration @ Tanjung Sepat. It's been sooooooo long since I last went there even though it's only about 30 minutes from my hometown LOL

Reached our destination, The Lover's Bridge ( Qin Ren Qiao - in Mandarin) in the evening. The sun has just set & it was really windy. Except the fact that the wind makes my hair looked like a mess, I like it..haha!! The weather was just perfect! :D

And then I started taking out my camera & snap, snap, snap. This explains all the photos below :P Okay, my sisters took some of it too so it's not fully me :P

Beautiful scene :)

Walking along the Lover's Bridge :)

Wow! My hair looked quite long from here LOL

Kinda awkward pose but I like this shot! X)

There were people fishing along the bridge. Cousin was so excited to see the fish LOL

Uncle & cousin :)

Aunt, cousin & mummy ( in black ) :)

Cousin's cute shoe. Scooby Doo crocs! :D

I don't know when my sister took this shot :O

Aunts :)

I super like this shot. Got feel or not? LOL But it makes my black roots looked obvious. Basically I can see 2 colours on my hair T_T I think I should go re-dye it soon.

Love this shot too :) But it's not taken by me :/

Okay, then we started to camwhore. My sister took the camera & just start snapping. Me, just try to get in every photo..hahahah! Ignore our hair, it's pretty messed up thanks to the wind -.-

#1 The wind was so strong that it blew my sister's hair & cover my eyes -.- PHAILED! 

#2 Love this shot. At least everyone's in :)



My photo with my lil sister totally fail! Can only see one of my eye in every picture -.- But somehow, I like it. Makes my face looked smaller..wahahaha! :P



It then ended up with me camwhoring LOL

See my hair! So messy! -_- This is how strong the wind was that day.

Went to a restaurant after that. It was just beside the bridge! :)

Grandpa :)

Uncle & daddy :)

And then, the food arrived! :)

Claypot Taufu :)

Stir-fry fish :)

As you can see, I only managed to take the pictures of the first 2 dishes individually. It all came at once later on & everyone was busy eating including me LOL

But I did managed to snap all the food together :D

Super like the clam! It was huge & really fresh! :D

Squid & crabs! :)

Us with grandpa :)

Dropped by GanoFarm & Sepang Gold Coast on the way back. Loving the random shots I took.

Pretty pretty sunset & scenery :)

Took the last 2 pictures in the car on the way home :)

I must say, I had a really good time that day.

So, this is how I spent my Father's Day. How about you? :)

I know this is a really long post. Appreciate those who really take the time to read it ( if there's any) :/ Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos! Happy reading! :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

Your Father's Day sure is happening (: Love those sunset shots that you took.

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Hehe..thank you! :)

Nikel Khor said...

A very super kind of present for your dad

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

thanks :)

* tracey gal * said...

U had a great father's day :)
Like ur gift for ur daddy!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Thanks girl =)

Miss N said...

Your dad's so happy to have you all celebrating with him..ah,I didnt get to celebrate it.

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

hehe..thanks! :) Awww..why?

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