Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars suits my mood today. Today I just don't feel like doing anything. Nothing at all :/

Morning service at church. Had Nasi Lemak Sotong for breakfast with family. Watched Return of The Cuckoo. One of my all time fave TVB Drama. Had a good nap. Woke up at 4pm. Hence, skipped lunch and went for tea time instead. Ordered Roti Tisu + Ice Milo. 500 Days of Summer. First time watching & only today I realized the "summer" in the title is actually a girl's name. I always thought it's one of the 4 seasons :O Had dinner at a hawker centre. Back to my home sweet home & here I am blogging

What a lazy Sunday.

By the way, did you realized something from what I wrote? I bet not. Even I myself only realized it after writing it out. I had Malay, Indian & Chinese food today. All 3 in a day! 1Malaysia eh? LOL 

And oh, it's Monday again tomorrow. I know everyone hates Mondays. Including me but that only happens when I am studying LOL Ever since I started my part time job at the nursery, I kinda looked forward to Mondays despite having to wake up at 7am every weekday. I think you know why if you read my previous posts :)

Okay, this is just me being random. Signing off! Bubbye! :)

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