Friday, July 1, 2011

July, be good please?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello July! 

With that, there goes half a year of 2011. Gone in a blink of an eye. Seriously, can someone tell me how this happens? :O Why is time passing so fast for me?! Because I am in my holidays? Where have half of my year 2011 gone to?! Let's see. Started the first few months of the year in university as a 2nd year student. Attended lectures, had my first clinic practicals with a patient of my own, sat for my 2nd year final exams and here I am, in my holidays that started since May. That basically means 2 months of my holidays are gone! Holidays, where did you go? T.T

So, it's the 1st of July today which is also my last day at work. Everyday at work is pretty much fun & enjoyable with the kids. Gonna miss them a lot for sure :') Wonder whether they will miss me too LOL Will definitely go back & meet them again whenever I have the time. Hopefully they would still remember me :)

I was feeling really good this morning until I received the message. Yesterday, I was told it will only take 2 weeks. Today I was told it will take up a month instead. That's a month of my holidays wey! Not happy for sure! :( Felt relieved & happy yesterday for no reason. Pftt! -.- What more, it's starting in mid April & finishing only in mid August. Initially, it would just use up 2 weeks of July. Now it's taking up a whole month! *big sigh* :( Anyway, there's pretty much nothing I can do about it except to just go with it. Oh well. I gotta be strong.

Leaving to Sarawak for a week vacation on Monday. Haven't even started packing yet. No mood at all. The truth is, with all these stuffs happening, I am not really looking forward to the trip anymore. Anyhow, will still try my best to enjoy it. What's a vacation if I am not happy going right? Talking about the vacation, many things have happened. Almost burnt all my flight tickets but in the end, somehow, I managed to save the trip. Definitely not going to waste this :)

Okay, that's all for today. Another boring post I know. But hey, at least I am updating :P Gonna continue watching Masterchef Australia 2 now. Tell you what, this show is kinda addictive. I am basically hooked on it now :P Bye! (:


Hilda Milda™ said...

Who are you going to Sarawak with? Enjoy your trip (:

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

thanks! Am going with my friend & relatives :)

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