Monday, July 25, 2011

The weekends.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playgroup with some of the clients from my department's clinic.

Did 2 activities for them. The first one was making an egg sandwich. The second one was a storytelling session. I was one of the actor who acted as a sheep. So basically, the only thing I need to do was to sound like a sheep during the whole story LOL

TADA! This is the background we came out with :) It's a simple picture, not so pretty but the fact that we managed to come up with this in less than a day makes all 7 of us really proud. Even our supervisors were impressed :D 

I personally felt the playgroup went better than we expected. It was a lil awkward at first when we have yet to build rapport with the kids but later, it was all good when the kids warmed up :) At the end of it, I felt really good. No doubt, it was a good experience :D

The day continues at Pavilion with my friend. Ying Yin :))

Thank God I booked the tickets for HP7 a few days earlier. The queue was so long when my friend & I reached there :O

Nice movie with nice effects but still, I like the first part more. Knowing that it's the last Harry Potter movie makes me feel kinda sad. I grew up with this series and till now, it had been 10 years. From the first movie to this one, I have been an avid fan who never missed any of it. No more Harry Potter movies to look forward to already :( Awww..gonna miss Harry Potter & everyone else in the movie so much :'(

Harry Potter, thanks for being a part of my childhood :')

Came across this while in Pavilion. Apparently, they will be opening a new level called Tokyo Street. So excited about this! Can't wait for it to open soon! :DDD

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for dinner with my friend after the movie :)

Nice scenery & nice environment to accompany us :D

My double agent. Disappointed. Looks pretty but I don't know since when they replaced the herbal jelly with grass jelly. Doesn't tastes so good anymore :(

My tomato spiral pasta with scallops. Tasted okay but the portion size was way TOO BIG for me so I didn't finished it :/

Her coffee :)

Her giant chicken or pork chop rice. I forgot which is it LOL

Overall, the food was just okay & the customer service was kinda bad that day. Disappointing. It was my first time going to the branch at Pavilion & to be honest, I would probably not go there anymore just because of their service :/

Stuffs I bought :D

Hello Kitty mouse pad from S&J :D

Sweet pink bag from Tangs. Love the big ribbon so much! :D And the best thing is, it came with 70% discount! :DDD 


Woke up at 6 something. Got ready, walked to the bus station to get a bus to KLCC, and got on the LRT to Kelana Jaya to go to the centre for the disabled at Taman Megah.

Last day there. Worked for another 10 1/2 hours from 9am-7.30pm. Had some fun with the kids there. It was nice spending time with them :) Not gonna miss the centre but definitely gonna miss the kids. Will I visit them again? Sure, if I have the time next time :) 

Family came to fetch my friend & I back from the centre. Had dinner together at Setapak. Meeting & spending some time with is just a nice feeling. My family always makes me feel better :)

Oh well, there goes my weekend. How's yours? (:


Hilda Milda™ said...

My weekend was fine (: How come didnt join clinique star tour since you're at pavi alrdy? Heee! Nice hello kitty pad!! :D

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

:) I have no idea it was there that day. Didn't saw it -.- But I was there late just for the movie & dinner. So maybe that's why I missed it :(

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