Monday, August 8, 2011

Today is Monday.

Monday, August 8, 2011
It's presentation day. Was the 3rd one to present today. Received both good & not so good feedbacks. Anyway, the presentation went quite well so am glad with how it turned out :) 

Clinic observation in the afternoon. The case today involved a 14 year old female who have just undergone cochlear implant. Pretty interesting given that we have been observing cases involving mostly younger children all these while. Getting clients at this age is kinda rare. Good experience indeed :)

Spontaneous decision. Went out with my friend right after that :P

Early dinner @ Xian Ding Wei.

Seafood set ( Squid in Honey Sauce + side dishes + braised pork rice + soup of the day ) Omnomnom. Yummy! :DDD

Finally went to Tokyo Street today. Love it max! It's so pretty & I totally love the environment :D Saw so many stuffs I like but it's all so freaking expensive! Why oh why?!! T_T

Visited Snowflake before coming back :D

Tohua series with pearls, taroballs & peanuts. Yumsss! :DDD

What can I say more? Good food makes me happy. I am a berry satisfied girl today :DDD 

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