Sunday, September 4, 2011

A date with BOOKS :P

Sunday, September 4, 2011
The great day started with Indian breakfast :D

Teh Tarik. Loving the bubbles! :D

Tosai Garing. It's so huge! :O

After breakfast, it's off to KLCC with dad, sis, aunt, cousin, and grandma! <3

Wristband tickets for entrance :)

It was less crowded than last year. Probably because it's the last 3 days but still, the deals offered were awesome! The stuffs were really really cheap! And to make it better, they set up more booths this year. Books at the lower level & stationeries + other stuffs at the upper level :DDD

TADA!! These are the stuffs I bought. Super happy cause I got it all under RM90! :D

The BookFest took half of my day away. By the time we came out, it's already 2pm :O

Stopped by PJ for lunch. Aunt saw the cheap lunch promo hence we entered this restaurant. Little did we know a surprise is waiting for us LOL

Love the decor & environment :)

My lunch promo set :)

Yummy iced Chocolate! <3

They have a few choices to choose from. I initially ordered lemon tea but the owner said "Why you order the cheapest one? Try our iced chocolate. It's really nice!" So yeah, all of us ended up with iced chocolate LOL

Tomyam Mihun. Not bad :)

And here comes the surprise!

The owner treat us all with a scoop of his homemade ice-cream! :D It costs RM 5.80 per scoop but the owner let all of us have it for free! Yes, FREE OF CHARGE!! :O No, we don't know the owner. It was our first visit yet we got treated like this. Awesome service I must say! Never met such a friendly owner before LOL

My butterscotch ice-cream <3

Oh well, the day wouldn't be complete without some camwhore in the car :P

Toodles! :)


Henry Tan said...

why those books look like story book to me? lol

Hilda Milda™ said...

Seems like a very eventful day for you (:

Vincent WXin said...

wow...the owner of the restaurant is so nice =D nvr see ppl treat me b4 XD sure is see u lenglui then treat u =P hahaha

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

henry : Haha..they are! Bought some to be used in my clinic practicals :)

hilda : hehe..yeah! :)

vincent : Nola -.-

Woody Allen said...

Gosh, the tosai made me hungry now. 2 more hours to go...waiting waiting...lunch...

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