Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happenings in October :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Hello October. A lil late to be saying this since it's actually mid October already. Oh well, I am so caught up with university life that I don't really have a spare time to blog until NOW. That is how busy I am everyday :/

Anyway, here's how the first half of my October went :)

1st of October 2011

I am finally a proud owner of iPad 2! :D 

It's a late 21st Birthday from daddy & mummy. Thank you! <3

Satisfied my cravings for Green Tea Soy Frappe with Chocolate Chips :)

Cute little Benji :)

Random shot at grandma's place :)

Polka dots is love <3

Visited grandma :)

My new Hello Kitty cosmetic pouch! Love it sooooo much! =D

3-6th of October 2011

Attended Autism Camp at Wings Melaka.

The place we stayed for the 4 days there :)

The family I was assigned to during the camp :)

Our lovely lecturer, Ms.Yazmin & Prof Dr Carl Parsons :)

With Dr.Judith Moyle :)

Night market trip :)

River cruise trip :)

 Meal times :)

Got a chance to visit Malacca town on the last day :)

Had Baba Ais Kacang, Nadeje Mille Crepe Cake & Klebang Coconut Shake. Yums! :D

The camp was truly an enjoyable one. Although we are not really there for a vacation but we still had lotsa fun here and there. I miss the camp, A LOT :')

Coming back from the camp, everyone was so feeling so reluctant. None of us wanted to face study life back so fast. Packed classes & clinic practicals. No one would look forward to that isn't it? :/ Me either. Anyway, reality is reality. No matter how much we dislike it, we can't run away from facing it. Everything have been good so far. It gets really stressful at times but thank God, I am still surviving :)

Am home for the weekends. This is one of the thing I looked forward most every week. Coming home doesn't make the stress disappeared totally, but somehow, it feels lighter :) There is truly no place like home :)

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