Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Positivity rules!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Hola readers! I am back!!! :D

Here's some pictures of me if you forgot how I looked like XD

Previously, I looked like this...

Change my hairstyle just recently and so currently, I looked like this..haha!

So which one do you think is better? XD

On the other note, I have been soooooooo busy lately that I don't have much time to spend on blogging :( Looking at my blog archives, my blog posts have been dropping from January to October. Can't believe I only blogged twice last month :/

Had my first ever case presentation today. I was kinda nervous at first but overall, I think it was not bad considering it's my first time :) Of cause hearing what the supervisors had to say doesn't make me feel good but oh well, it's just part of the learning process. I shall take all the criticism positively! :)

Tomorrow is another clinic day. As much as I still have the fear and am feeling nervous about it, I am gonna face it with courage! Gonna start opening myself up more and just give it all out! There's no harm trying. At least it's better than regret for not doing your best. I believe everything is gonna be alright. There is nothing wrong God cannot make right. So I shall have faith in HIM that he is gonna make everything okay :)


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