Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello to the month of love :)

Monday, February 6, 2012
An young! That means hello in Korea :D Haven't been blogging much lately. First, I am too lazy to blog about CNY. As you can see, only one post about it is up :/ Secondly, I am hooked on a K-drama.

This time around, this is the one :D

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors. I must say, it's a really awesome drama. Cried so much while watching with all the sad & touching stories but had a good laugh with the funny parts as well :D

Love all the cast members :) 

Especially these two male leads of cause XD

And of cause, not forgetting the cute Song Joong Ki <3

Definitely recommending this drama to everyone :)

On another note, it's the last day of CNY already. There goes 15 days of CNY.

Just wanted to share some of the photos taken during CNY :) Nothing makes me happier than spending time with loved ones :)

Less than a week to be 1 year older than last year. Oh NOOOO! :3 Don't wanna grow olddddddd :/ Surprisingly, I am not really looking forward to it this year. Birthday feels like just another normal day :/

Oh by the way, my holidays are ending in less than 2 weeks T.T I think I relaxed the most this holiday. Have not been doing anything study related ever since holidays started. Not even thinking about my exam results which will be out soon. I wonder how I am going to start a new semester. I foresee this new semester will be very different ://

Random thoughts. I wanna stay in Korea. Totally unrelated here LOL -.-

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