Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Last Sunday. Family gathering at Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant. Third aunt had been telling us how good the food was so yeah, we finally all went together for the lunch buffet :D

The lunch buffet started at 11.30am & by the time we reached, there were already a bunch of people standing outside waiting for the restaurant to open o.O Aunt booked a room for the whole family with tables & tatami seats. So just like the Japanese, we sat on the floor instead of chairs :D

Like a typical buffet, it's a 3 hours buffet. But it's not like a typical buffet where you take your food yourself though. We were to order from the buffet menu. Anything we want, as many as we want :O 

Didn't manage to take the photos of all the food we ordered but here's a few shots I managed to take :)

The sashimi was really fresh :D

Smoked duck salad :D

I forgot the name of the dish but it's beef. Pretty good :D

Some vegetable tempura :)

Sushi! :D

Seaweed salad! =D

Sushi again!

Some kind of tofu. I don't quite like this :/

More sashimi! =D

Hot & Spicy Chicken. The sauce is a lil bit too spicy but it's not bad :)

Green Tea ice-cream! *screams* I had two bowls of it X) They have chocolate, vanilla and wasabi flavour too but I like this the best :DDD 

Sukiyaki beef. Super love this. The broth was mad delicious! :DDD

I have no idea why Ah Ma is so happy LOL 

Super love family gatherings like this. It just makes everyone closer to each other more :) Love the fact that we have gatherings like this pretty often throughout the year :D

And lastly, thanks to 3rd uncle & aunt for the treat! Looking forward to the next gathering! :D


yan ping said...

noms! your post made me hungry! hahaha

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Oopsie :P

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