Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Monday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi Monday. It has been a moody Monday so far. Confidence level, motivation, spirit are all at the lowest level at the moment. I felt like I am the worse in the group. As much as I want to improve, I felt like I don't have the capability to improve. It's pretty much demotivating when all you get is comments on what you did bad. I understand very well that will help me to learn but you know, I need to know if I did anything good too. At least that would keep me motivated. 

Sometimes, I enjoyed doing it but the truth is, most of the time I don't. Sometimes, all I hear in my head is "Lynette, just give up already" but then another voice whispers in my head "Lynette, don't give up just yet!". Everyday, I am trying my best to improve, to enjoy what I am doing but sometimes, it just get very discouraging and I just lost the will to carry on. There are some days where I just feel so worthless. 

Oh well, it's not that I have any option at the moment. I have only one that is to carry on & make the best out of it.  There is always still this hope that things will get better. That everything will be worth it in the end. I may not see it yet but I believe I will soon see the light at the end of tunnel.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The End.

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Time flies. Last day of holidays tomorrow :( One week of holidays GONE! T_T 

Holidays, they will never be enough no matter how long it is. Nevertheless, I appreciate every holiday I have :) 

Staying at home, spending quality time with family, home-cooked food. Oh the comfort it brings is just marvelous. Nothing can ever top that :) I love my family <3

One week at home. Fatness overload X_X Diet plan shall start.....on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. Or any other day LOL -_-

Going back to my hostel at KL tomorrow. Ever since the kidnap and robbery case, I don't feel safe staying there anymore :( But  what to do, have to stay there until the semester ends :( I believe God is protecting me. Thank you God for keeping me safe all these years :)

Monday clinic is starting again after being postponed for a month. No more Monday holidays! :( I have been enjoying too much with no Monday clinic & only one client for my Wednesday clinic for a month! I guess it's time to work hard now :/ Having mid semester exam next week too but somehow, I feel nothing :/

This photo is totally unrelated to the post. I like the shoe. I want the shoe. So I post the picture. Haha! Super random -_-

Okay, I think it's time to study. Exam next week but I don't think I have studied much during the holidays. Such a procrastinator I am D: 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am back! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Hola readers! Do you miss me? LOL I am finally back to blogging world! ^^

Accidentally broke my new spectacles a few weeks ago and here's the first photo I took with my brand new spec! What do you think? :) I super like the Playboy symbol at the side that comes with some blink blink :D

And here's an update of my awesome Sunday last week :D Family came all the way to KL & we went for an outing at Pavilion :D 

Our first stop, Ben's for lunch :)

Pretty flowers at the entrance :D

While waiting to be seated :)

This restaurant is listed in TimeOut Magazine as the Top 40! :D

Really nice photos on their walls :) 

Super tempting cakes! Too bad, we didn't manage to try any because we were too full by the time we finished our meal! :(

Here is Daddy's Carbonara Spaghetti...

And here's Mummy's fish & chips :D

Youngest sister's Mushroom Lasagne :)

Eldest sister's Fish Burger :)

And my Macaroni Cheese! :D Soooo cheesy! :D It comes with 3 types of cheese so it's pretty salty. I would recommend to share this between two persons because believe me, with all the cheese, it will make you full really fast! 

Shopped for a while after lunch before our movie at 5:30pm. The Vow this time <3

Youngest sister said she wanted to go to Snowflake so we went for some dessert before our movie :D Finally tried the Coco Ono. Yummms! Me likey! :D

And there goes my Sunday :)

Am currently in my mid semester break now. Yay to holidays! :D But it's only for a week :( Oh well, it's better than none so am gonna spend it wisely :) So happy holidays to those who are having holidays now too! :D

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