Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a part of life.

Monday, May 7, 2012

People come and go in life. Only the ones that makes an effort to stay are the ones that matters. True enough. But the sad case is, not everyone will bother to make the effort and it is just really tiring when only one side is trying. I am just feeling blessed that I have a few that have stayed with me all these years :)

At each stage of your life, you meet different people. People of different personalities. People of different background. Just, all sorts of people. Some you can straight away clicked with, some you just don't no matter how long you have known that person. Every relationship, be it a friend or couple, is like an experiment. You try it, you test it and the fact is, it is not gonna work out every single time. 

Yes, sometimes when the experiment fails, you try again and again trying to fix it. But there will come a time where you realized it is not worth trying anymore. And when that moment come, you just....stop trying. The truth is, not everyone deserves a second chance although there is a saying that goes "Everyone deserves a second chance".

Been through a lot all these years and maybe because of all these experiences, I have been building up walls instead of bridges for people. I just don't really trust people easily anymore. Or maybe I am afraid of getting hurt again and again. Like it or not, live still goes on. Maybe someday, someone will come along and break the walls to build a bridge instead.


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