Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life as a student begins....again.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The end is here. Holidays I mean. 2 months of it. Swoosh~~gone as fast as the wind o.O It feels just like yesterday when I first started my holidays. One month of posting at Klang General Hospital. One month to rest & relax. And there goes my 2 months.

 Heading back to KL tomorrow. This time around, am moving in to an apartment instead of my usual hostel. Life outside campus will be totally different for sure. Hope it will be better.

On the other note, am starting the new semester as a final year student. It's scary to have come to this stage already. I still remember vividly the time when I am in my first year and with God's grace, I have survived 3 years of university life. Woah! 

One more year to go, and if everything goes well, I will graduate next year. Final year. Nobody say it's easy. It will definitely be tough but I believe I will go through it. Faith and Hope. These will keep me going :)

To all those in their final year too, all the best! Let's all do our best & graduate together alright? :)

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