Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This app called Dayre...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Before there is Dayre, I rarely update my blog. Now there is Dayre, I think I will be updating even less D: Dayre is so easy & convenient to use so I update there more often now compared to my blog D: Whoever invented Dayre is a genius. 

Since I update there more often, do follow me at if you have Dayre too! :) If not, I suggest you download the app to join in the fun lol :P

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soon, it will be December.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 more days to December. When I think of December, 2 things come to mind. 

1) Christmas.
2) End of a year.

Have you tick off all the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? If you haven't, no worries. There's one more month to do it! :)  

It's scary how fast time can pass without us realizing it. One more month to 2014. Two more months to CNY. I think it's time to start shopping for CNY now! :P

Monday, November 4, 2013

Officially a graduate :)

Monday, November 4, 2013
Yes, I made it! *tears of joy* Honestly, it all felt like a dream. I just can't believe I am a graduate already. My occupation is now no longer a student but a speech language pathologist @ speech therapist. Gotta get used being a working adult now :O

Walking down memory lane, these 4 years of university life had been a struggle. 

Just a couple of months back, I was struggling with thesis & clinic practicals. Worried about VIVA. But with God's grace, everything seems to fall into place nicely. I think God did send some angels to help me along the way :)

2 years ago, I was literally on the verge of quitting thinking that it's not the right course for me. That's the first time I cried the most in my university life. Second is after passing my VIVA. Ironic isn't it? lol Nevertheless, I picked up the strength and courage to continue another half of my university years. 

In a blink of an eye, I passed my 3rd year and final year with this surge of motivation and determination that basically came out of nowhere. Every time when it gets tough, I tell myself "It's okay, just try your best" or I will say a silent prayer asking God for strength to overcome any obstacles that come my way.  

Daddy & Mummy had always been a good supporter & motivator. They are my pillar of strength. Listening to my problems & struggles, calling just to ask what and how I am doing, just hearing their voice and what they have to say can literally make me feel 100 times better especially when I am feeling down and away from home. I am glad I made you proud :)

My sisters, yet another pillar of strength. 

4 years back, I entered this hall as a first year student for orientation. Today, I walked out of this hall as a UKM graduate in Bachelor Degree of Speech Science with Honors :)

With the juniors, course mates and a few lecturers :)

With a toss of the graduation cap, my university life is officially over! *pops confetti*

Graduation gifts! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Love them all! :D

Yet another milestone achieved. Yay! Moving on to working life next. Excited yet nervous at the same time. Still waiting to see which state & which hospital I am destined to be. Meanwhile, I am still on my holidays. So I am gonna enjoy while I still can! :P  

The Day before My Convo....

..happened to fall on both of my sisters' birthday this year. Yes, they shared the same birthday. So my younger sister was apparently a birthday gift for my elder sister during her 10th birthday! How cool is that? :D

Antipodean was our choice for the day. Read many good reviews about their Big Breakfast & decided to give it a try! :D Was there around lunch time after my graduation studio photo shoot & it was packed with Sunday's crowd. Finally got a seat after waiting for 15-20 mins I think.

Their menus were all written with chalks on 2 huge blackboards on their walls. Pretty interesting! But I must say that it was not really practical as it was quite inconvenient to stand in the middle of the cafe deciding what to eat & drink without blocking the pathway or other people's view.Unless you are sitting opposite the menu which gives you a better view.

Daddy ♥

Mummy & I 

My sisters, the birthday girls 

Food & drinks arrived pretty fast after we placed our order which I like :D

Daddy's lime soda.

Mummy's hot latte.

Younger sis's hot mocha.

My iced mocha.

Eldest sis's hot latte. 

All day breakfast. Everything on the plate was pretty simple. Nothing to boast about. 

Banana pancakes with butterscotch. I love this! Although it felt like I was eating banana cake instead of pancake lol

Eggs Benedict with bacon. I find the bacon too salty for my liking :/

Their famous Big Breakfast. So much better than the All Day Breakfast. Especially love the sauteed mushrooms! But again, I find the bacon very salty.

Mike Moore's Kiwi Lamb Burger. Ordered this thinking there was kiwi fruit or kiwi sauce in it but then realized it actually does not refer to the fruit -.- It was just so-so. Didn't really like the texture of the meat patty.

Total bill came to RM160++ for 5 of us. Kinda pricey looking at what we ordered but then, it's what you get when you are in PJ or KL. Will I visit it again? Definitely yes for their Big Breakfast & of cause to try other food on the menus! :D

Dropped by Klang to visit grandma after brunch & did some photo shoot there as well lol

With cousin's puppy, Benji. This little cutie pie gets so excited & jumps around every time I see her! :D

With my dearest Grandma. Glad to have her see me in my graduation robe :')

With grandma, cousin, aunt & the maid who looks after my grandma :)

Family photo with grandma :)

Ending this post with yours truly :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun in Hong Kong : Day 1

Monday, October 21, 2013
A month back, on September 20th, I was in Hong Kong for a well-deserved graduation trip with my sister & relatives. The best thing about this trip? It's sponsored by my sister as a graduation gift for me :D I am one lucky girl! :D 

Took an early morning flight to HK. The flight took us about 5 hours to reach.

Doing what girls do best in the plane. Camwhore! LOL 

Bear with me, I promise it will just be a few photos haha! :P 






Okay la. Just 5. Not too much right? haha!

Reached the airport around 1pm & boarded the bus to Mong Kok, where we are staying :)

While waiting for the owner of the apartment we rented to meet us :)

After waiting for a while, the apartment owner finally arrived. Imagine having to walk all the way through the busy streets of Mong Kok with our luggages. People everywhere. Limited space to move. Sweating profusely. Madness. 

The apartment entrance. Looks kinda creepy at first haha! Checked in our apartment & had a quick chat with the owner. The owner was actually quite handsome *coughs* lol 

The apartment was clean & decent but definitely too small to fit all 7 of us + our luggages. Barely had any walking space after putting our luggages :O Typical HK house I guess. Anyway, was pretty satisfied as it was much cheaper compared to the hotels + they provide free wifi + shops, restaurants & MTR station were all nearby :)

Was feeling super hungry by the time we settled everything & randomly searched for a nearby stall to eat. Some of us ordered beef noodles & some, wanton noodles with a plate of greens & crispy fried fish skin as side dishes. The wantons were super huge & comes with prawns compared to the ones in Malaysia. Although it costs RM10++ per bowl, it was worth it as the portion size was quite big for their "small" size

After lunch, we boarded the MTR to Tsim Tsa Tsui. Visited the Avenue of Stars. Of cause, there were tourists everywhere. You pretty much had to wait for your turn to take photos with the famous statues or maybe I should say "grab the spot as quickly as you can" cause some would just barge in without waiting for their turn -.-

The famous Bruce Lee statue :D 

Jackie Chan hand prints! Typical tourist photo haha!

Fringe was very oily & ugly that day as I was basically sweating non-stop throughout the day :( The weather feels just like Malaysia D:

HK skyline view during the day.

As evening approaches...


As the night falls, lights lit up....

Breathtaking night view ♥

Waited till 8pm to watch the Symphony of Lights show along Victoria Harbour. Super super love the night view! So glad I managed to capture this photo. I feel a sense of accomplishment! lol :D 

Boarded the MTR to Jordan next. Had dinner & visited Temple Street Market.

Roast Goose.

Forgot what this dish is called but it tasted like steamed glutinous rice.

Board the MTR again back to Mong Kok & got lost for a while searching for the way back to our apartment. Everywhere just looks the same! >.< Thank God we met a good local uncle who was kind enough to show us the way :) 

And that's bring us to the end of Day 1 :)

❤ My life, my story ❤ © 2014