Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday is ending soon & here comes Monday again. Boo. 

3 weeks into the final semester. Entering the 4th week soon.
How's life? Just one word to describe. Stressful. 
Nevertheless, I am still trying to keep the balance between work & play.
I am still trying to keep myself motivated and be positive everyday.
I am still trying to push myself to do my best.

Sometimes, I am confident that I can do it.
Sometimes, I still doubt myself whether I can do it.
It's like an emotional roller-coaster ride.

It feels so near yet so far.
I may not be there yet but I know I am one step closer with each passing day. 
I just can't wait for everything to be over.

But am I really ready for the next phase of life?
Yes. No. Maybe.
I am still searching for an answer. 

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