Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thoughts in my head.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just another typical Tuesday night, after clinic.
Half way through clinic. This means I am half way through my semester as well.
This means clinic viva & thesis viva are nearer too. No doubt, it's scary.
I get this pressure every time people ask me "When are you graduating?".
Yes, this is my final semester but I just am not confident enough yet to tell everyone " Yes, I will graduate this year".
But in everyone's mind, it's already "She is going to graduate this year".
Every time I tell someone I am in my final semester, they will all go "Oh, so you are going to graduate this year".
And my reply will always be "Yeah, hopefully. If everything goes smoothly".
I am glad they believed in me more than I believe myself but still, all these expectations give me tremendous pressure.
I wish I can have more confidence to say "Yes, I will graduate this year". 

Maybe I just need some time to clear my thoughts. And start believing in myself more. And start building up my confidence level. I will & I can with God's guidance :)

Mid semester break starts next week. Perfect time to recharge myself to face another half of the semester I guess.

Ending this post with a note-to-self. Try your best & hope for the best. 

Till then, xoxo.    

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