Monday, May 20, 2013

One step closer....

Monday, May 20, 2013
Thesis final presentation is coming up next week. 
Then, it is time for assignment presentations and last day of clinic the week after.

June will then be here. 
The most dreaded month for me this year as it determines whether or not I am going to graduate O_O.

The whole month of June is basically packed with deadlines to meet, exams & VIVA. 
Need to submit 2 of my clinic summary for VIVA by the 3rd of June.
Need to submit my thesis summary for VIVA by the 4th of June.
Need to submit my thesis soft-bound copy by the 6th of June.
Having my mock clinic VIVA on the 6th on June as well.
Having my real clinic VIVA on the 11th of June.
Having my thesis VIVA on the 13th or 14th or June.
Having my only subject exam on the 25th of June.
Need to submit my thesis hard copy by the 28th of June.

One word to describe the whole month : MADNESS! O_O

Note-to-self : 

Keep calm.

This quote. Applies to me very well at this moment.

As it draws closer to the end, it's getting really stressful but I believe, with God, everything is possible :)

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