Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Moment ❤

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Haro everyone!! I have got some good news to share! I passed my clinic & thesis VIVA!!! Yes, I freaking pass! :'D A few months back, I was probably like this. Worried if I will ever make it. 

Now, I am all smiles, like this & can proudly say that I made it to the end!!! Woohoo!! :D

 A moment like this is a moment I couldn't even have dream of achieving. Till now, everything still feels like it's just a dream. It's been 4 years!! 4 long years!!! Have gone through so much during this 4 years in university was seriously on the verge of giving up but thanks to all the support, advice & faith in God, I persisted & here I am today :)

This journey is like going through a tunnel. Throughout the journey, there was light but there was also darkness. When darkness looms, I thought to myself "Maybe I should just stop & turn back". When there was light, I see this ray of hope & tell myself "Maybe I should just go on & see what is waiting for me at the end of the tunnel". Now, it feels like I have finally reached the end of the tunnel & am happy with what I see. 

"We decided to give you a pass". These words still lingers in my mind every once in a while. The most touching moment is when I received hugs from my clinic & thesis supervisors after passing both. At that moment, I just feel so loved :')

Us :) With Dr.Jenni Oates, our external examiner & all the supervisors! :)

With VIVA over, it feels like everything is over but no, I still have a written exam & thesis writing to complete. Boo! :( Can't wait for everything to be over officially! I need a long break!!!

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