Saturday, August 24, 2013

Genting with the girls ♥

Saturday, August 24, 2013
I guess the first thing that came into mind when you hear Genting is the tragic bus crash that happened a few days ago. Ironically, I just came back from Genting last week. So it was actually scary to wake up one morning, a few days after my trip & reading the news that left more than half of the passengers dead D: RIP to all the deceased & condolences to the families of the victims :'( 

I just can't stop feeling so blessed and lucky that my friends & I went up to Genting & reached home safely just a few days ago. I can't thank God enough for making sure we are safe throughout the journey. It's true that sometimes we do take everything for granted and this is definitely a wake-up call to be grateful and appreciate life more. Nevertheless the news have left me somewhat traumatized. I don't think I will be going up to Genting or taking any bus for some time :/   

Okay, now let's switch into happy mode! ALERT : Many photos ahead :P 

Booked a deluxe room for 4 of us for RM296 for 2 nights. Pretty satisfied with the room :)

Best friends since I am 7!! Friendship of 16 years & counting! :')

Had lunch @ Nyonya Colours while waiting for another 2 of my friends to arrive. Yes, I chopped off a few inches of my hair and dye a new colour if you notice lol So yeah, no more curls & hey, fringe is back! :D

First stop after everyone is here : Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum & our first group photo :D

From left : Carine, Carole, Carmen. Somehow, all my BFFs' name starts with C. Coincidence or what? :O

Met the world tallest man!! :D

Found a giant chair in the museum! :D

And I love how it make us look smaller LOL :D

Amazed by this picture made from bread :O 

Finally, we came to the end & without realizing we had actually spent a couple of hours exploring the museum, which is actually not even that big :O 

Then, we had dinner, did facial mask together and spent the rest of the night playing this game called Saboteur; that prevented us from going to bed because it's too fun and addictive! :O

Next day,

Breakfast at Lobby Cafe @ First World Hotel. I had the fruit tart & a cup of totally overpriced teh tarik. Meh. No next time for sure. 

Then, we are ready to play! All Park tickets for just RM48 due to the 48th Anniversary Promo. Super worth! But unfortunately, we did not managed to play much indoors :(

Group selca! :D And a funny thing happened in which a random guy suddenly walked passed us & say "Can I be in the photo too?" LOL -.- 

The London bus! 

We love the red telephone booth! :D Unfortunately, there's no more telephone in the booth! :(

Waiting to get on the rides was torture that day. The queue was crazy since it was school holidays. Nevertheless we still managed to get on Flying Dumbo, Cyclone, Corkscrew, Bumper Boat, Spinner, and Pirate Ship! :D  

Then, we had lunch @ Pizza Hut thinking it will be more worth it than any other random restaurants which the food might not be tasty and overpriced. Boy, we are wrong. The food @ Genting's Pizza Hut was horrible. The mushroom soup was super watery which tasted like an instant one instead of the one from the cans. The spaghetti was so bland as though they forgot to put any salt. The pizza was somewhat acceptable but the dough was kinda thick compared to the ones I had before. Utterly disappointed I must say. Boo!

Spent the rest of the night watching Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters in 3D & yeah, ended up playing Saboteur card game again until 2++ in the morning :O

Last day,

Woke up early for buffet breakfast and spent some quality time just talking before boarding the taxi back to KL :) 

Every moment spent with them was priceless. And it was just nice to meet up with them before we enter the next phase of our life ; working life. Definitely looking for more trips with them in the future! :D  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dip n Dip, Bangsar

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Paid a visit to Dip n Dip @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar last weekend. It's a dessert shop specializing in chocolate desserts so if you are a chocolate lover, you should not missed it!!! :D Been hearing many good reviews about it yet haven't got a chance to try it out until last week :) Thanks to aunt for the treat!!! :D

Went there around 3-4pm & the whole place was crowded with people yet we got a place after just waiting for a few minutes :) Unfortunately, we had to sit in separate tables since there was not enough tables to fit all 8 of us :(

"A taste will make you smile". Love love love this slogan & I think it fits the cafe really well. A taste of their dessert did make me smile :)

#1 Brownies crepe

- The famous chocolate crepe that you can see almost every table ordering it :D It's actually available in different fillings ; chocolate, cookies, marshmallows etc but we settled with the one with brownies in the end. 

The portion was big enough to share & since it's quite chocolaty, it's recommended for 4-5 people. Had the first bite & I was like "Wow, this is yums!" :D The chocolate was rich yet not too sweet. Combined with the thin crepe & chocolaty brownies, it was just delish :)  

#2 Profiterole

- It's a pastry filled with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce. Slightly warm pastry combined with the cold ice-cream + warm chocolate sauce make it a delight to eat. 

#3 Fondant

- It's something like chocolate lava cake but it's not as rich like the usual ones. Love the texture of the cake as it was light and fluffy. Not too sweet or rich with chocolate so the melting chocolate ganache in the middle fits the cake perfectly! :D

#4 Waffle on a stick

- This is a pretty simple dessert with waffle covered with chocolate sauce. Nothing to really wow about. 

#5 Caramel macchiato 

#6 After eight milk shake

It's definitely a good place to spend some quality time with your loved ones be it friends or family. The ambiance was relaxing, dessert was superb but the price was kinda pricey for just desserts. If you don't mind splurging on desserts once in a while then it's definitely worth a visit :)

Ending the post with a selca in a hotel room! LOL Will post more about my stay at the hotel later on! Stay tuned! :D

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