Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loving September :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013
September had been a really good month. Events after events piling up. Cousin Jason's wedding (the wedding day itself + 2 wedding dinners), another cousin, Jayden's 1st birthday celebration & my long awaited Hong Kong trip! :D I cannot emphasize how much I love family gatherings. Even if it's something quick & simple meet-up for tea. Truly blessed to be in a closed-knit family :)

With all the events, it means I get to use my newly bought semi-pro camera to practice my photography skills (still a beginner haha). Photography have become one of my hobby now :D So if you have any events and need a photographer, maybe you can consider me *ahem* (if you don't mind letting me practice my skills Haha!). It's impossible to upload every single photo I took so here's a sneak peek of some from every event! :D

Jason & Karen's Wedding 

Simple & nice wedding pictures :)

Jason & Karen's Wedding Dinner @ Vintry, Jaya 33

Love the theme & decor! :D

Jayden's 1st Birthday

The birthday boy, Jayden :)


Super cute minion cake! :D

Jayden's brother, Justin :)

Can't resist to take a picture with the minion! Heh! :D

The happy family ♥

Hope you enjoy the pictures thus far! Stay tuned for more when I blog about my HK trip! :)

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