Monday, November 4, 2013

The Day before My Convo....

Monday, November 4, 2013
..happened to fall on both of my sisters' birthday this year. Yes, they shared the same birthday. So my younger sister was apparently a birthday gift for my elder sister during her 10th birthday! How cool is that? :D

Antipodean was our choice for the day. Read many good reviews about their Big Breakfast & decided to give it a try! :D Was there around lunch time after my graduation studio photo shoot & it was packed with Sunday's crowd. Finally got a seat after waiting for 15-20 mins I think.

Their menus were all written with chalks on 2 huge blackboards on their walls. Pretty interesting! But I must say that it was not really practical as it was quite inconvenient to stand in the middle of the cafe deciding what to eat & drink without blocking the pathway or other people's view.Unless you are sitting opposite the menu which gives you a better view.

Daddy ♥

Mummy & I 

My sisters, the birthday girls 

Food & drinks arrived pretty fast after we placed our order which I like :D

Daddy's lime soda.

Mummy's hot latte.

Younger sis's hot mocha.

My iced mocha.

Eldest sis's hot latte. 

All day breakfast. Everything on the plate was pretty simple. Nothing to boast about. 

Banana pancakes with butterscotch. I love this! Although it felt like I was eating banana cake instead of pancake lol

Eggs Benedict with bacon. I find the bacon too salty for my liking :/

Their famous Big Breakfast. So much better than the All Day Breakfast. Especially love the sauteed mushrooms! But again, I find the bacon very salty.

Mike Moore's Kiwi Lamb Burger. Ordered this thinking there was kiwi fruit or kiwi sauce in it but then realized it actually does not refer to the fruit -.- It was just so-so. Didn't really like the texture of the meat patty.

Total bill came to RM160++ for 5 of us. Kinda pricey looking at what we ordered but then, it's what you get when you are in PJ or KL. Will I visit it again? Definitely yes for their Big Breakfast & of cause to try other food on the menus! :D

Dropped by Klang to visit grandma after brunch & did some photo shoot there as well lol

With cousin's puppy, Benji. This little cutie pie gets so excited & jumps around every time I see her! :D

With my dearest Grandma. Glad to have her see me in my graduation robe :')

With grandma, cousin, aunt & the maid who looks after my grandma :)

Family photo with grandma :)

Ending this post with yours truly :)

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