Saturday, February 15, 2014

Turning a year older.

Saturday, February 15, 2014
CNY is over. My birthday is also over. Officially a year older now but I still feel young heh :P

First time ever, I am so faraway from home on my birthday. No celebration whatsover cause it's a working day for me but I still find time to reward myself with a lil treat after work though! :P

A nice Japanese meal followed by rainbow cake to brighten up my birthday ♡♡♡

Went to a shopping mall to get something nice for myself but ended up with nothing. Then it hits me that the thing I want the most is nothing more than being home with family. Birthday to me is no longer about receiving gifts or having fancy celebrations. All I yearn for is just a simple celebration with family at home. And plenty of wishes is enough to make me happy. I guess that's what growing up does to me.

No birthday photo cause I looked so tired from work on that day. So, i shall substitute it with one taken during CNY instead :P I still looked young right? :P

My birthday wish?

1) Good health & happiness for my family & friends! :)
2) A chance to travel to places I have always dreamed of going

They say the 3rd wish is to be kept a secret or else it won't come true so I shall not reveal it then hahaha! But I think it's kinda easy to guess what it is! So have fun guessing! :P

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