Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family. Work. Life.

Sunday, March 16, 2014
1. Family

True enough. Ever since I started working in Ipoh, I no longer have the luxury of spending time with them as often as I am used to when I am studying. Staying faraway from home makes me so freaking homesick everyday, especially now when I am in a new place alone, trying my best to get to know more people & cope with my life here. It's definitely not an easy phase to go through.

This is the 3rd time I am faraway from home. The furthest so far. The 1st was in Johor where I stayed in the hostel for matriculation but dad would fetch me back home almost every 2 weeks so it's not too bad. Then I entered university & stayed in KL which is just 1 hour away from home so I make it a point to go back every weekend whenever I can :D Now, I am in Ipoh & it takes me 3 hours or more just to reach home. And train tickets aren't cheap either so it's pretty much impossible for me to go back that often :(

Sometimes, it feels as though I am missing out on so many things at home as I can't afford to go home very often, which makes me rather moody whenever I think of it :( Getting calls from home & talking to dad & mum is basically the only thing that comforts me the most being faraway from home. 

2. Work

 Really? What an honour! Haha!

Working life is good. I kinda enjoy seeing patients, really. Never would I have though that I will enjoy being a speech therapist. Getting into this profession makes me realize how many people actually need speech therapy but the fact that there are so few of us in a hospital & all over Malaysia, the waiting list for them to get an appointment is usually very long :( Nevertheless, we are helping as many people as we can daily! Somehow, I hope we make a difference! :)

Entering the 3rd month of working life, I can see myself  growing. Well, especially in my view on money. I am now very good in convincing myself I don't need this & that & a huge sum of my salary usually goes to my rent, bills, food or groceries. Basically just the essentials or things that I really need. Even when I am tempted to buy something I really want, I am almost always successful in telling myself I don't really need it. Should I be proud of myself? LOL

3. Life

In 1-2 years, I am planning to transfer back to somewhere nearer to home for work. Well, unless I meet that "someone" here then I might reconsider lol

In 5 years, I am planning to further my studies in masters. I guess 5 years should be enough for me to decide what field I am interested in. And hopefully by then I will be lucky enough to get a scholarship.

In 10 years, I will be over 30. Ideally, every woman wish by then is to start a family. Yes, that includes me lol

Oh well, I don't know what the future holds for me. I can always plan but in the end, it's God who decides. 

Ending this post with a picture of people I treasure dearly ♥

Till then, xoxo :)

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AngelKein♥ said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving a comment :) And I think it's so cool that you're a speech therapist; it's such a rare thing to find in MY.

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